We teach kids of IT disciplines remotely.

Our students learn how to create games, websites and mobile apps.

IT school "Hello world"

We work hard to ensure that our students get maximum from the lessons
We start learning from understanding your goals and interests. After that we choose the most suitable program, teacher and group for you.
Our lessons are conducted remotely. You can start to study with us having only computer with access to the Internet and desire.
We analyse IT trends and give our students relevant information about IT industry. We don't give boring home tasks, we create interesting projects together.
We create teams where our students can work together and compete with other teams. It motivates them and develops their communicative and leadership qualities.
We show our students how big the world of IT is. We teach not only about programming but also about design, product development and project management.
We can create a group from students all over the world and we believe that it helps us to make people closer to each other.
World without borders
Our courses
Get a real profession in 1 year
The course is for those who take the first steps in IT. Playing games and solving logical tasks and puzzles, we will create our first programs, games and study basic concepts of programming.
For beginners
An advanced course for students who want to know how to create modern web applications and services (like Google Docs, Wunderlist, Instagram). We will begin by studying the basic principles and technologies of web development (HTML, CSS, JavaScript, front-end, back-end) and finish by using modern libraries in our projects.
Web app development
We will learn the Python programming language, study the basic concepts of programming and data structures. Maybe some terms seem scary to you like sorting and graph traversal algorithms, but you'll understand that they are simpler than you think.
Programming in Python
Preparing for launch
Approximate date is the end of 2018
Creating games as exciting as playing in them. We start from basic games then create more difficult. Also, we will know many interesting information about animations, 2d and 3d graphics and game algorithms.
You will create your first website in the 60 seconds. We will teach you not only standard technologies, but we will show you that creating a website can be simpler than you think.
Web Development
Mobile applications, web sites and web applications should not just work but have to help people effectively and give joy to users.
You should know how to make your users happy.
80% in the world are using Android.
We will learn how to create applications which will work reliably on every device.
Android Development
Do you want to know how to create iOS application?
We will teach you!
iOS Development
The most popular questions
Why do you teach online?
We believe that our students should have an opportunity to get high-quality education wherever they live. Also, studying online you always have an access to our lectures, training materials and our tutors.
How can I interact with my teacher?
You can ask your teacher in a chat, during webinar and the teacher answers to a chat question. If you have a mini-group or twin lesson you can ask your teacher verbally during the lesson. In case you have a question doing your homework, you can ask your teacher directly or in a chat of your group. And the last option, you can write your questions when you send your homework for testing. Your teacher will answer you after finishing reviewing your task.
How is the educational process organized?
Usually we have lessons in the evening on weekdays and, sometimes, on weekends. We have two type of classes - webinars and online lessons. If you missed the webinar, you can see its video recording. Between classes, you will need to do homework, we try to create assignments for homework together with our students, so that its execution is interesting and exciting for them.
What do I need to be able to do?
Our students should be confident users of the Internet and computer (installing new software or registering on a website shouldn't be a problem for you). If you have a desire to study programming, math and logic, you are in the right place. And don't be afraid to ask questions during your studies.
How are the learning programs organised?
Our courses consist of theory and practical tasks, the biggest part is different small projects. All our tasks and projects related with real tasks in IT companies. At the end of a course you will develop a final project in which use almost all the knowledge gained.
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